Andreas Norheim
How generative design changes the way things are designed
Nils Seiersten
Facilitator, Research


The shift towards a more digital and automated manufacturing process opens up for new tools and opportunities to explore as a designer. 3D printing is starting to be used to manufacture end user products and offers new opportunities for complex shapes and new business models. Denerative design makes it possible to create and design products in new ways and can help designers investigate shapes and find inspiration for products in ways that were previously not possible.

New technology often changes how we do things and also what we do. Throughout history technology has resulted in loss of existing jobs, but also the creation of new jobs. Generative design will not replace the designer, but it has the possibility to replace many of the work tasks of the designer. With a focus on generative design and product attachment I seek to investigate how this new technology will influence the products that are designed and how the user will interpret and perceive these products.

My personal motivation for working with this subject is that I want to learn more about the new tools that are available for designers and that will be implemented to the design process in the future. I want to be prepared for the future of design, and also be attractive for companies by offering new competence and perspectives.Generative design is still very new to design, and there are a lot of possibilities that I want to explore. I also want to learn more about how users relate to products and investigate how generative design will influence the users.

Research question

  1. How does generative design influence the user’s product attachment in a co-creation process?
  2. How to make the design process more accessible for the user through generative design and 3D printing, and through this increase user product attachment?

Methodical and theoretical approach

This project will have a very experimental approach grounded in theory about product attachment. I want to use existing literature and theory as the basis for my research through usertesting, interviews and observations explore the subject.